Water Treatment System Replacement Filter eSpring™Water Treatment System Replacement Filter eSpring™
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Water Treatment System Replacement Filter eSpring™

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US-Patented multi-stage activated pressed carbon block replacement filter. Lasts for 5,000 litres or one year, whichever comes first.

Activated pressed carbon filter is a US patented multi stage carbon block which effectively

  • removes more than 140 potential health contaminants including lead and mercury,
  • removes chlorine taste and odour,
  • traps carbon based contaminants 300% smaller than the diameter of a human hair, improving clarity,
  • treats up to 5,000 litres of water enough for the average family of six, or one year, whatever comes first,
  • allows good nutrients to pass through as they do not attract to the carbon filter and remain in the water.

Coconut shells serve as the raw material source for the carbon used in our filter cartridges. This carbon is subject to a highly refined manufacturing process and rigid quality control to insure the safety and performance of our eSpring Water Treatment System.

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