Red fruit bar bodykey™Red fruit bar bodykey™
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Red fruit bar bodykey™

SKU: 116665| Size: 840 g
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To support your calorie intake, the bodykey red fruit bar will give you the help you need. This food product provides you with a balanced profile on macronutrients, in a very easy and delicious way! Ideal for when you’re on the move or too busy to prepare food. Just eat one and get ready to control your calorie intake easily!

Instant food products to support you with your personalized bodykey journey.
Provides a simple way to control calories with a balanced profile on macronutrients.

Simple preparation for convenient usage in daily life.
Specifically developed formula to fit your diet profile needs.

Potential users
People looking for a delicious way to control portions and calorie intake with bodykey food products.

Store in a cool, dry place.


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